My Private Eye Software exclusively designed for Private Investigators and Process Servers

Private investigation and process service are critical components of the Justice System. The investigators and court officers within these industries serve important roles helping to ensure that the wheels of justice continue to spin.

An integral part of the Justice System

Process servers locate and serve court documents to witnesses, defendants and/or victims in order to notify them of court proceedings. Private investigators assist corporate America, individuals, and law enforcement in obtaining evidence needed to secure civil judgments and criminal convictions thereby helping to restore equilibrium. In some cases, their work will help to exonerate a wrongfully charged and/or convicted person paving the way towards restoration of individual rights and freedoms. Therefore, it is imperative that they have the most advanced and efficient tools at their disposal. One such tool is a powerful web-based software program designed to streamline their casework. The My Private Eye® software program provides them with functional technology that is both user-friendly and simple to operate while in the field.

A Software developed by a Private Investigator and Process Server

Many of the other software companies were built by programmers with no industry experience. Their programs are a one discipline design, meaning the functionalities are either targeted specifically for private investigation or process service. None of the programs combine both ends of the spectrum. Thus, customers are forced with subscribing to two separate software programs in order to effectuate their jobs as a private investigator and process server.

My Private Eye® has recognized the dual role in the industry and provides a software program encompassing all of the functionalities necessary for the person who wears ‘both hats’ that of a private investigator and a process server.

The My Private Eye® software program was developed by a certified practitioner. There has never been a program in the market that has been built exclusively by someone having direct experience within the industry until now. All of the advanced functionalities of My Private Eye® have been field tested and approved by seasoned investigators, process servers, and former law enforcement officers.

My Private Eye® software built by an Private Investigator and Process Server.

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