How to Become a Process Server in Florida

April 18, 2022 - By Dr. Thomas E. Santarlas

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Analyzing Case Management Software

April 15, 2022 - By Dr. Thomas E. Santarlas

<p>Case management software plays a critical part in determining the efficiency of your business. It is the foundation underpinning the rest of your operations. Without a solid program, your business may be operating at a snail&rsquo;s pace costing thousands of dollars in a loss of productivity.</p> <p>A good assessment of your software should include the following areas:</p>

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Three Reasons First Responders Shouldn't Be Using CBD

May 24, 2020 - By Keith Graves

<p>This headline will bring some ire to some people reading it.&nbsp;<strong><em>CBD</em></strong>, or Cannabidiol, has swept the nation and has also swept emotions. You can go almost anywhere and see CBD products. Coffee shops are selling CBD lattes, you can get a CBD facial and a national fast-food chain is coming out with a CBD hamburger. In fact, Cannabidiol will be a two billion dollar industry in the next 3 years.</p> <p>Everyone from the cop on the street with a bad back to a 911 operator with carpal tunnel syndrome wants to use it to relieve their pain. I recently saw a friend give their 6-year-old Cannabidiol drops to cure his ADHD. But is it necessarily good for you if you are a first responder?</p>

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Police: Man Pulls Gun on Process Server in Pacific Beach

January 19, 2020 - By Unknown Author

<p>A man was arrested Thursday on suspicion of pulling a gun on a process server at a Pacific Beach apartment.</p> <p>The courts worker was trying to serve a restraining order at the rental residence in the 4600 block of Ingraham Street when the suspect allegedly pointed a pistol at him shortly before 8 a.m., according to San Diego police.</p>

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Elder Abuse

December 25, 2019 - By By Thomas E. Santarlas, Ph.D.

<p>Many of us still have parents or grandparents in our lives. These are the people that have raised us and provided love, nourishment, shelter, clothing and spiritual direction. They have molded us into the people we are today. As they age and enter the twilight of their lives, our family members require the same special attention that was afforded to us as we grew into adulthood. This is the period of their lives when they become physically, mentally and emotionally needy. As adult children of an elderly person, we have a moral obligation to care for them in a manner that is consistent with Canon Law. Doctrine and ideology are deeply rooted in all religious affiliations as they define the parameters of a belief system. Thus you will find volumes of sacred theoretical books of scripture outlining desired, if not mandatory human behaviors. Regardless of your religious denomination, we can all agree that elder abuse is most certainly a sin and definitely a criminal act.</p> <p>The abuse of an elderly person can occur in a number of different ways. The most common form is that of financial exploitation. This occurs when someone of trust uses the elder&rsquo;s assets in a manner inconsistent with their expectations or without a legally informed consent. A caregiver, family member or significant other may intentionally engage in this type of abuse through the misappropriation of funds in their care, control or custody. This criminal could also be psychologically abusing the elder through isolation and/or intimidation. Nobody likes to be sheltered from others or lose their independence. The thought of being exiled to a nursing home may seem like a life ending event for the senior. To avoid these outcomes, the victim simply gives-in and complies with the criminal&rsquo;s demands. Sometimes the elder is mentally incapable to distinguish between a scheming criminal and an honest caretaker. They never realize that their life&rsquo;s savings are slowing being siphoned by a wolf in sheep&rsquo;s clothing.</p>

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New Zealand: A digital future for statutory demands in New Zealand?

October 29, 2019 - By Josh Taylor and Miles McConway

<p>The 21<sup>st</sup>&nbsp;century has brought with it some fascinating developments, smartphones, social media, and service of statutory demands by email?</p> <p>The judgment of Lester AJ in the High Court decision of&nbsp;<em>Upright Scaffolding Ltd v Pinnies Painters &amp; Plasterers Ltd</em>&nbsp;(<strong><em>Upright Scaffolding</em></strong>)<em><sup>1</sup></em>&nbsp;seems to have settled the decades old question of whether service of a statutory demand by email is possible under the Companies Act 1993 (<strong>Act</strong>).</p>

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Local Business Tax

July 22, 2019 - By Angel Allison

<p>Most state laws require all individuals or firms located in or doing business within their jurisdiction to create an account and pay an annual Local Business Tax. This includes one person companies and home-based businesses.</p> <p>The receipt (previously called an &lsquo;Occupational License&rsquo;) should be conspicuously displayed, essentially represents that the local County business has paid their business taxes to the government entity for the selected year. There are notable penalties and fees for businesses that do not declare and report their business tax.</p>

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Gun Safety

February 6, 2019 - By Thomas E. Santarlas, Ph.D.

<p>Firearms can be very dangerous in the hands of an untrained person. The consequences can be catastrophic leading to serious injury and possibly death.</p> <p>Firearms can be very dangerous in the hands of an untrained person. The consequences can be catastrophic leading to serious injury and possibly death. Thus, it is of critical importance that proper gun safety techniques be deployed whenever handling firearms. First and foremost, a person should be familiar with the mechanical features of a firearm. Knowledge of how it operates along with all of the parts of the gun is necessary prior to handling a firearm.</p>

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I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone

January 8, 2019 - By Joseph Cox of MotherBoard

<p>Nervously, I gave a bounty hunter a phone number. He had offered to geolocate a phone for me, using a shady, overlooked service intended not for the cops, but for private individuals and businesses.</p> <p>Armed with just the number and a few hundred dollars, he said he could find the current location of most phones in the United States.</p>

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